White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Gin

Derbyshire, England


The ancient woodland of Shining Cliff, where White Peak Distillery has its home, was the inspiration for their original Derbyshire dry gin and the range has since grown:


• Bakewell Pud Gin (45% ABV) - a small batch gin made from nine botanicals including English cherries, almonds and raspberries, with natural colouring. A deliciously robust gin, berry notes combined with baked almond and vanilla. A subtlely sweet gin with no added sugar (during or after distillation).


• Floral Gin (45% ABV) - award winning Derbyshire dry gin inspired by the woodland and hedgerows of Shining Cliff Woods. Crafted from thirteen botanicals including rose hip, bilberry and local mayflower.


• Citrus Gin (45% ABV) - crafted from ten botanicals, including citrus peel, lemon thyme, lime tree leaves and lemon verbena. The bright fresh citrus notes combine with juniper, angelica root and English coriander for a refreshing, classic Derbyshire dry gin.

White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Gin

  • 45%